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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis
Anton HunsuckerInvestigation into a Domain-Specific Language for Securities Trading Operations
Bas van SteinThe Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
Bertram BourdrezImproving MAPNIK with Label Placement Algorithms
Bogumila SobolewskaWhen Applications are Business Processes: An ArchiMate Based Explanation
Chris MulderChallenges of Web Application Development: How to Optimize Client-side Code
Christiaan SchoutenNever Marry a Woman with Big Feet
Derk GeeneThe NLP-Editor: A case study about Eclipse Plug-In development
Edwin VegerHashing Methods in Sokoban
Hugo SchoonewilleSoftware Architecture Documentation: A Cognitive Perspective
Iris HupkensIdentifying Prominent Actors in Social Networks
James LoAutomated Safety Analysis for Supporting Design of System Architectures
Jonathan NeuteboomAnalysis of Pre-Genome Assembly of Lymnaea Stagnalis
Joppe KroonBuild Structuur voor Compaan met Eclipse CDT
Maarten GroenewegActive Guided Evolution Strategy for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems
Martijn KeizerA Database and Interface System for Gathering and Providing Sampling Data on Volcanic Lakes
Rene Verhage:Analysis and Execution of Reverse Engineering Software Code to Generate Software Documentation
Rick van der ZwetExploratory Research on Embedding CUDA code Into Heterogeneous MP-SoC Architectures Programmed with the Daedalus Framework
Roy KensmilModeling Kahn Process Networks in the Dynamic Dataflow Formalism
Sander van der VlugtCoverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
Xiwen ChengHigh Density Multi-Cell Wireless Networks