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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Erlingsson, ÁsbjörnEmbodiment in Video Games and its Effect on Player Behaviour: A Pilot Study
Grauwde, MichaëlCorrelating Emotional Content in Journalists’ Personal and Professional Writing
Groot, Nicole de“What's in a Chunk?”: A Recall Study of Quantitative Chunking in Source Code
Lemken, IvoStories of a Real Man: A Hybrid Autoethnography on My Maleness and Masculinity
Li, JiaqiZoom Plus? An Experimental Study on a Virtual Classroom with More Natural Face Interaction and Its Effect on Videoconferencing Fatigue
Pierrot, PieterShapes and Staffs: A Qualitative Exploration of the Ontology of Computer-generated Graphic Scores
Roberts, ShaniqueSecret Student: Investigating Eros in Teacher’s Pet Relationships
Schäffers, CaitlinCapturing Life: The Effect of Filming on Memory
Son, Bart vanThe Flying Rabbit: Using a Drone as a Pace-setter for Youth Middle-distance Runners
Visser, MartheLove Language Over Time: An Analysis of Self-Presentation in Dating by Comparing Historical Personal Ads and Contemporary Dating App Biographies
Woord, Carlo terThe Design of AA-RO, an Abstract Robotic Object, and the Development of a Method to Create and Evaluate its Expressive Motion