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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Anastasiou, GeorgeAutomated Detection of Performance Regression in New Versions of PostGreSQL
Bachour, DaniellaA comparison of approaches on the analysis of the usability of Leiden University's website
Cristino, NolyThe Strength of the Local Content Requirement Regulation on ICT in Indonesia as a Policy Approach
De Sandre, NicoloA Multicriteria Evaluation of Blockchain Technologies in the Healthcare System
Doornhof, ChristanUnderstanding the motivation of employees and managers in an internal work marketplace within a professional consulting firm
Draijer, WilcoThe Creation and Integration of a Legal Information Retrieval System without Manual Query Construction
Els van, VictorAgile transformations and Organizational Performance: the impact of maturity, employee satisfaction and transformation approach
Helling, ThomasAnomaly detection in real-world networks
Hoogenboom, CedricAn Enterprise Architecture Approach to Implementing the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
Koemans, DennyBlockchain technology for a better secured IIoT network
Kommers, SebastiaanOn the internet, no one knows you are a citizen.
Lefevere. NickAn exploratory study of blockchain projects factors for success
Liu, FenAn Empirical Study into The Reasons of Low Performance of Online Advertisements.
Loeffen, FynnThe development of an information security governance maturity model for Dutch hospitals
Magoma, AnnastansiaFAIR-based digital health in the East African Community: Designing an Eldoret FAIR Data Point
Mandeep, MalikExploring the use of Permissioned Blockchain Technology for supply chain Traceability
Meijerink, CorjanCritical node analysis on supply chains: a network
Michael Ayas, HamdiDecision Support Systems and Business Intelligence for agile portfolio management
Neve, JeroenRoles, position and IT governance of the departmental CIO at the Dutch central government (Rijksoverheid) and its maturity potential.
Oedayrajsingh Varma, VinayChallenges in a Vested Outsourcing arrangement: a case study of a car manufacturer and IT service supplier
Oprins, RichardAGILE: TRANSCENDING THE BORDERS OF IT. The emerging influence of feedback and creativity
Osenov, IvanCryptocurrencies: Mutual relationships and event reactions
Passos, AntonSoftware Quality Metrics in Practice
Putri, Hedlina AnnisaThe Contribution of Digital Health Solution to Universal Access to Health in Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Rasenberg, MarkAutomatic classi cation of handguns in CT images of cabin baggage using Convolutional Neural Networks.
Rashid, RajaTrend Research and Strategic Forecasting
Soelaksana, ErikUtilizing blockchain technology to reduce revenue loss caused by roaming fraud in the telecommunications industry
Veger, LudeThe influence of Enterprise Architecture on Enterprise Risk Management
Vergara Manrique, DavidApplicability of diffusion models to forecast sales of Health Tech products
Virag, davidSecurity challenges and viable solutions for continuously connected near-autonomous vehicles
Wansleven, DennisConsumers' Technology Acceptance of mobile biometric authentication methods for nancial transactions
Wildvank, TonnyAn integrated multi-faceted system approach for improving the development of information systems
Wit de, DannyWhat new forms of eco-systems can develop when markets shift to a combination of decentralized production, decentralized distribution, and a decentralized administration process?
Wortelboer, MartinA framework for the deployment of Analytical Models for organizations in the Public Safety & National Security sector
Wu, CollinA process model for no-code development towards a common understanding of the no-code development process
Yung, JennyLightweight Requirements Engineering Metrics Designing and evaluating requirements engineering metrics for software development in complex IT environments – Case study