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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Beek, L.A.J. van derEfficient Secure Regression Protocols to Predict Growth Curves of Children
Bettings, R. Predicting Benificial Alleles using Comparative Genomics
Brinkmann, G.G. Interactive Visualization of Large Networks on a Tiled Display System
Fonhof, AlainIdentifying Key Players in child exploitation networks on the Dark Net
Hoogendorp, NathanRecognition of Hybrid Sequences that are Generated during PCR
Kefalas, M. Multiple node immunization on Complex networks
Liu, Lai-yeeIndicator-Based Evolutionary Level Set Approximation: Foundations and Empirical Studies
Özaydın, UmutLocal Feature Detection using Neural Networks
Post, M.G.S. On-line and incremental learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
Qato, KristiA Comparison of Objective Functions and Algorithms for Network Community Detection
Rademaker, XavyrA Network-Driven Feature Construction Approach for Labelling Software Classes using Machine Learning
Rooijen van, A.L.Deep Learning for Person Ie-Indentification.
Seinen, T. (Tom)Computational Modeling of Drug Response and Pathway Activity in Colorectal Cancer with Missing Data Reconstruction and Subtype Analysis
Shi, QinchenBenchmarking SMAC and MIES on Mixed-Integer Problems
Vinkhuijzen, L.(Lieuwe)A Quantum Polynomial Hierarchy and a Simple Proof of Vyalyi's Theorem
Wansink, B.J. (Bob)Finding Minimal Conflicting Teacher Sets for Dutch High School Timetabling
Winter, Roy. deDesigning Ships using Constrained Multi-Objective Efficient Global Optimization
Zabel, T. (Terry)GPU Acceleration of Arbitrary Precision N-body Code
Zammit, AlanSecondary Structure Models and Homology Search for Viral RNA