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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
A. van der PlasCombining WebDAV with CVS, an exercise in refactoring
A.C. TijmsAn initial step towards a job hosting system design and implementation of an intuitive and easy model for specifying filters for branching data-sets
A.J. VerburgtAn unwaypointed data structure for tactical movement
A.R.D. BadalAnalyse en ICT-ondersteuning van communicatie-driven processen
Amar R.S. ChoenniCOMTEC Web Bestaand systeem toegankelijk maken via internet
Djankidevi RampartaapConversatie ondersteuning met behulp van het Language Action Perspective
G.J. GrutterEvolution Strategies and the Spacing of Airplanes in Final Approach Airspace
H. LiPredicting Job Start Times on Clusters
H.Q. ChenEquity premium prediction and investment strategy searching with genetic programming
I. de BooijDesign and Implementation of Safety and Extensibility in the Corral
J. DmitrievaHet toepassen van het TD (?) algoritme op het spel vier-op-een-rij
J.V. VisserBot Hosting System
J.W. Haverkorn van RijsewijkEvolution of Game Strategies Using Genetic Programming
K.H.E. CheungBusiness modelling with testbed and UML
K.J. BatenburgAn Evolutionary Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
M. ter LindenUsing Computational Grids for Earth Observation Data Processing
Martijn WieringDynamics in Compaan, A Case Study
N. van KampenhoutSystematic Specification and Verification of Coordination: Towards Patterns for Paradigm Models
P.J. KoningNeurale Netwerken voor Baggerschepen
R.L. JansenMobile Dining Philosophers and Paradigm
S. RaikingHardware Implementation of the Sequence Alignment and the Blast Algorithms
W.J.de BruijnApplying high speed active networking applied to network management
Y.SunNeural Networks for Emotion Classification