Students supervised by Basold, dr. H. (Henning)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master Computer Science2024first supervisorRemmerswaal, FloydValidation & Simulation of Software-Defined Network Specifications in ...
Bachelor Data Science an...2023first supervisorTuk, M. (Mattias)Usability of VR in the construction of category theoretical diagrams
Master Computer Science2023first supervisorBolt, JuliaAn approach to describing the semantics of Hedy, a gradual programming...
Bachelor Informatica2023upervisorEnde, D. van den (Dirck)Towards a Compiler for Partial Differential Equations for Analog Compu...
Bachelor Informatica2023supervisorLawson, D. (Dominique)Formalizing the Van Kampen Theorem for Directed Topology [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorBaronner, T. (Thomas)Finite accessibility of Higher-Dimensional Automata and unbounded para...
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorSchaap, L. (Lennard)Formalised Semantics of Lustre
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorDekker, LoesFormal Semantics of ALCH
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorVlasakker, Rintse van deOperational Semantics of GHOPFL
Bachelor Informatica2020supervisorGramsbergen, D.S. (Danielle)Subcoinductive Types [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2020supervisorOtten, D.D. (Daniel)Type Theory: W-types and Bisimulation [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorKeizer, A. (Alex)Coalgebras of Session Types: Defining a Syntax Independent Framework