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Student Thesis
Bannenberg, L. Checking for Compatibility in Team Automata
Bavdaz, A. Comparing Markov Chain and Recurrent Neural Network Algorithms for Text Generation
Boom, B. van den Dutchism Detector
Bosch, N.F.A. van den A comparison of hashing algorithms
Chow, K.L. Multiobjective Pattern Mining in Bitcoin Data and Genetic Landscapes
Duba, D. Retting PIPE: Extending the Petri Net tool PIPE 5
Edixhoven, L. Attacking the n-puzzle using SAT solvers
Faas, M.
Gent, D. van Graph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time
Huibers, J. AI Agents for the Card Game Love Letter
Huybers, R. Mario (of hoe je een programmeerwedstrijd kunt winnen)
Koschny, J. Design and Analysis of a Controller for the iRobot Create
Lamers, Ch. Quantum Cryptography
Latenko, A. Explorative study on Hierarchical temporal memory
Louwe, A. Constructing Petri net models from biological literature using structured annotation
Nibbeling, J. Implementation of A Parallel Back Substitution Solver on GPUs
Oostdam, J. Design and Simulation of an Embedded Controller for the iRobot Create robot by Integrating ROS in Gazebo
Persoon, R. Design and Implementation of Website Backup as a Service
Post, M. Mythbusting data mining urban legends through large scale experimentation
Roos, D. Transformation of Membrane Systems
Ruijter, S. Dynamically evolving L-system generated plant visualizations
Staalduinen, J. van Gathering and Managing Spatiotemporal Data
Veen, S. van Anomaly Detection in Cybersecurity
Visser, T. Workforce Survey Data Analysis: Potentials and Pitfalls
Vreumingen, D. van Real time force field simulation for stm controlled molecular electronics experiments using Cuda gpu programming
Werf, U.M. van der Describing heaps using Kleene algebra with tests
Werff, C.R.A. van der Tetris Strategies in a Multiplayer Environment
Woerden, W. van The closest vector problem in cyclotomic lattices
Wubben, S.J. Predicting the Risk of Overload in Overcommitted Server Clusters
Zwaan, D. van der Developing an integrated environment for OPT image reconstruction