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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Barbero, G.Intentionality and Engagement: The Effects of Video Game Engagement on Mindreading Performance
Gennip, S. vanWhat's Going On? An Explorative Study on the Information Processing of Digital Illiterates
Horck, S. vanPlant Resonance: The effects of Musical Stimulation on Plant Well-being
Hu, Z.Machine Learning Bias Game
Kamp, L. van derFirst Person vs. Third Person Perspective in a Digital Memory Palace
Kkousii, A.Classification of Borderline Personality Disorder patients from fMRI scans
Kolster, A.Amateurish Detectives or Expert Investigators? Analysing the Use of Sources by Websleuths in Online Case Solving Discussions
Koningsveld, M. vanApplying Passive Haptic Learning to Induce Associative Motor Memory within a Visual CRT Experiment
Kruijff, J. deA Set of Tasks to Test Interpretation and Use of Emoji by Children
Lopez-Cotarelo Flemons, D.Psychological Attention Restoration Through the Haptic Experience of Water’s Motions
Mira, M.Extrapolating Lessons for Future Cinematic Virtual Reality Creators by Looking at Current and Past Attempts at Creating Virtual Reality
Notenboom, R.Using Digitally Created Virtual Reality Environments as Stress Reduction During Stress Inducing Tasks
Polatoglu, P.S.Gender and Style Effects in Voice Assistants
Reijer, M. deCalming Pressure: A Study Through Design on Stress Reduction by Deep Pressure Touch Contractions Through Wearable Technology
Schreuter, D.Conformity with Conversational Assistants
Stouten, E.Exploring How Developers Could Include the European Commission's Ethics Guidelines to Strive Toward Trustworthy AI
Vilsteren, S. vanThe Effect of Mediated Plants on a Divergent Thinking Test in Virtual Reality