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Master ICT in Business

Student Thesis Content
Akkerman, FrisoMotivations for Adopting Green IT within Food Processing Organisations in the Netherlands
Appelman, JoepLeadership Competencies Required in Large-Scale agile “The creation of role profiles”
Babic, MatijaData Oriented decision Making: Predictive Analytics as a Support Tool for Decision Making in Organizations
Bankras, StijnEssential Security Factors for SaaS Applications
Bijnaar, RenéA Sustainable IT Governance Model for Dutch Municipal Organizations
Buitelaar, RubenBuilding the Data-Driven Organization: a Maturity Model and Assessment
Doornhof, ChristanUnderstanding the Motivation of Employees and Managers in an Internal Work Marketplace within a Professional Consulting Firm
Fowler, KevinImplementing Holacracy™: Exploratory Research into Practicing and Implementing Holacracy™ in Organizations and its Effect on the Organizations’ IT and Security
Hertom, Bas. vanInformation Security Governance in Agile Environments
Lems, RickMotives of Crowdfunders in Social Ventures
Magrin, Edward LukeIntegrating new Technologies within the Business IT Landscape: A Case for Blockchain
Mangion, RobertoAnalysis on the European Parliament’s Party Group Voting Trends
Mateos, Cristina MurilloWhy didn’t you say that before?!: The Effects of Anonymity on Organizational Silence in Virtual and Collocated Teams
Mulders, SebastianRecommender Systems in Practice: A Business Value Driven Approach for Startups
Naron, AlexandraCybercrime as a Driver to Security Innovations in Dutch SMEs: A Comparative Case Study
Pannebakker, QuentinWhat Technological, Organizational and Environmental Factors Affect a Large Organization’s Decision for Implementing a Multi-Cloud Solution?
Plas, Niels. van derCombining Customer’s Reference Architectures and Supplier’s Architectures
Prikkel, ThomasReducing Manual Labor in Technology-Assisted Review
Ruijter, SanderData Mining in Business, a Case Study at Squeezely
Schoemaker, LennardAgile Organizations: Effective Reporting in Agile Project Portfolio Management
Slothouwer, NickyNovel Techniques to Detect and Classify Suspicious Human Behavior using Radio Frequency Signals
Taounza, AbdessamadExploring new Channels of Public Service Delivery via Chatbots
Vlieger, ArjenSuccess Factors for Self-service Business Intelligence Implementations
Zhang, YifanA Marketing Research on Exploring the Application Prospects of SaaS BI in Small and Medium-sized Retail Enterprises