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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Alastair ComleyConcluding knowledge transfers: a case study about SSA Global Inc.
Ariadi NugrohoModeling web service orchestration with paradigm
Ender AtalayData warehouse success: the Impact of System - and data quality on the typical organization
Gao, C. (Chong)Simulation and Optimization on Analytical and Collaborative Customer Relationship Management
Jelmer CormontApplying requirements engineering to knowledge management practice
Jeroen GoddijnImplementing competency management in knowledge intensive ICT organization
Jing WuInformation visualization in enterprise news portal
Junfeng LiangModeling coordination in ICT and business worlds
Kamran HeydariService management in the mobile phone industry
Lei TaoUsing genetic programming to find optimal purchase-ordering rules
Lianzhuang QuRoad to a virtual homecare organization
Maat, B. (Bastiaan)The Need for Fusing Head & Neck Cancer Data
Marnix EedensSelf-service technology acceptance: an assessment of differences in propensity to use self-service technologies among passenger segments in an airport environment
Patrick DitmarIntrinsic software quality management through the use of a CMM-based assessment model
Prewies GajaHow an IT system could intensify the interaction between salespersons and R&D in new product development in a configure-to-order-oriented company
Richard GerdingResearching IT-Governance in a credit management company
Rui ChenApplication of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm in Bioinformatics
Soeris RamautarKPI for software requirements
Tjeerd TesselaarConcluding knowledge transfers: a case study about SSA Global Inc.
Tristen RaboenA wireless short message framework model in electronic business
Xiang DingRoad to a virtual homecare organization
Yin ZhouCoordination modelling and design of adaptive learning content to content management system: paradigm modelling in the case study of BioTune project