Students supervised by Meulen, dr. A.N. (Anna) van der

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Bachelor Informatica2024second supervisorAdwan, A. (Amr)Impact of Hyperparameters on Model Performance in Split Learning
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorBurgh, Rogier van denRhythm Climber, using rhythm on pcg for climber
Bachelor Informatica & E...2023second supervisorCheung, J.F. (Jun Fei)Incentives for Crowd-sourced Drivers
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorIsleyen, Y. (Yunus)A cross-case analysis of the integration of computational thinking in ...
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorSkulj, T. (Toni)Implementing skipping faulty code for the Hedy programming language
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorHermans, I.F. (Skandar)Soft Skills in Computer Science
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorZee, Q. (Quinten)Development of Computational Thinking Curricula in Primary Schools
Master Computer Science2022first supervisorAnsari, A.Analyzing the stress produced in Computer Science students during exam...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2022first supervisorHörchner, F. Het gebruik van Sonic Pi door kinderen met een visuele beperking
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorSchaap, A. (Anthonie)Programmeren voor Blinde en Zwaar Slechtziende Leerlingen
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorBolt, J. (Julia)Blind leren programmeren: Een studie naar de Computational Practices v...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2020second supervisorBosdijk, B. (Benjamin)Dfficulties of Screen Readers in Primary School Computer and Typing Ed...
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorDubbeldam, S. (Stef)Using Program Animation to resolve misconceptions in K-12 students.