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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis
Berge, Michiel van denAn Algorithm for Morphing Audio
Bergh, Mark van denHanabi: A Co-operative Game of Fireworks
Boekhout, HanjoCombining Graph Mining and Deep Learning in Molecular activity Prediction
Bos, RalphCompact Decision Trees for Dou Shou Qi Tablebases
Buitelaar, RubenCombined Neural Networks for Movie Recommendation
Burger, JelcoContext Free Guarded Languages: A System for Determining Guarded Strings
Cammel, SimonePredicting the Outcome of the Game Othello
Dekker, VictorA Difficulty Measure for Light Up Puzzles
Es, David vanDeploying Phenotype Analysis On LLSC
Haddou, SarahUsing Outcome Weights in Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multiplayer 3D Hex
Kanhai, SoeradjMining a Scientific Conference
Klaver, SimonAnalysing Electron Tomography with IMOD on the LLSC
Kortsmit, MariekeStrategies for Klondike Solitaire
Marsdon, BobA Generalized Hough Transform for the Recognition of Cars in Images
McGlinn, TamaAnalysing the Difficulty of Mazes using a Web Application
Partodikromo, E.Datamining the Peptide Sequenome
Post, MarkAnalysis and Visualisation of Data of an Outdoor Sports Mobile Application
Rooijen, A.L. van
Schade, DerekImage Similarity Using Color Histograms
Scholtes, SemIntegrating Data Modeling with Data Analysis in Taverna Workflows
Sener, HuseyinBuilding an Administrative System in a Scientific Workflow System
Stevenson, ClaireLearning Software Design: Is Abstraction Ability Key?
Stout, PatricOntology Viewer: Van Proof-of-Concept naar Layered Software
Strien, Bart vanExploring Scheduling Alternatives for a Computer Vision application on Embedded MPSoCs
Veenman, ChristianA Framework for Cross-Platform Dynamically Loaded Libraries
Zabel, TerryVideo Rating and Sorting with a Genuine Approach