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Student Thesis
Beatrix Victoria Yuanling Lee Analysing Molecular Landscapes Using Random Walks and Information Theory
Eyal Halm Genetic Algorithm driven DesiGn space Exploration Tool (GADGET)
Feraaz Imami Simulation and Exploration of LAURA Processor Architectures with SystemC
Jasper Stafleu UML Specification of and UML Tooling for Paradigm
Kerstin Wurdinger Investigating an Evolutionary Strategy to Forecast Time Series
Kristian Rietveld An Implementation of Intelligent Disk Block Replication in Minix
Liang Wang Across Browsers SVG Implementation
Maarten Vijfhuize SMEPP: a novel System Modeling Environment for Performance Prediction
Michiel Pouw Constraint Automata with Synchronization Points
Nadia Ramjiawan Mapping Multiple onto SPEs of the Cell BE Platform Using the SCO Model of Computation
Robert Marijt Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings
Ron Vink Temporal Pattern Analysis using Reservoir Computing
Ruoyun Gao Dynamic Feature Description in Human Action Recognition
Stijn de Gouw, Michiel Helvensteijn Automatic Program Verification in Mist
Thomas Steenbergen Analysis of using browser-native technology to build rich Internet applications from image manipulation
Timo de Vries Predicting High-Level Cognitive Decisions using Low-level Features from Eye Gaze Data
Xiaofei Chao A Framework for Robust Feature Selection for Real-Time Fashion Style Recommendation
Xiaojing Chen Binary and Nonbinary Description of Hypointensity in Human Brain MR Images
Xuan Wang An Emperical Study on the Relation Between the Quality of UML Models and the Quality of the Implementation
Zi Di Systematic Evaluation of Image Analysis for Cell-Matrix Adhesion Studies in Cytomics