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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Gard, J. (Jérôme)Corporate Venture Management in SMEs: Evidence from the German IT Consulting Industry
Jong, A.P.A. (Staas) deComputed Fingertip Touch for the Instrumental Control of Musical Sound
Larios Vargas, E. (Enrique)Design and Development of a Comprehensive Data Management Platform for Cytomics
Osman, M.H.B. (Mohd)Interactive Scalable Condensation of Reverse Engineered UML Class Diagrams for Software Comprehension
Rot, J.C. (Jurriaan)Enhanced Coinduction
Stettina, C.J. (Christoph)Governance of Innovation Project Management: Necessary and Neglected
Vespier, U. (Ugo)Mining Sensor Data from Complex Systems
Viana de Carvalho, R. (Rafael)Computational Modelling of Mycobacterium Infection and Innate Immune Response in Zebrafish
Vliet, R. (Rudy) vanDNA Expressions: A Formal Notation for DNA
Zhai, J.T. (Teddy)Adaptive Streaming Applications: Analysis and Implementation Models
Zhao, Y. (Yuanyuan)Modelling the Dynamics of the Innovation Process