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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Andersen, V.The Emotions of a Painted Face: Analyzing British Portraiture Art from the Tudors to the Victorian Era
Dierendonck, R. vanInteractive Biology through Remote Control: Introducing a Web Interface for Remotely Controlling a Digital Microfluidics Device in Life Sciences Education
Ding, H.Computational Plot Planning: A Temporal Social Network Approach
Frijns, H.Body Language for Bots: Adapting a Virtual Robot’s Gestures by Means of an Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm
Geerlings, D.Representing Flavours with Sound: Using Combinations of Sine Waves to Represent Acidic Flavours
Ghafoerkhan, A.Mood Journaling - An Exploration of Real Time Mood Developments as a Function of Heart Rate
Henneveld, R.Colored Reading: An Appeal for Using Synthetic Association Training to Improve Reading Fluency in Children with Dyslexia
Klerks, E.Sensory Information about Reading Progress on the E-reader
Kozlowska, P.How the Use of Visual Communication Influences Understanding: An Insight into the Use of Dutch Government Forms by Non-native Speakers
Kroese, J.An Interactive Plant as a Learning Interface - Embodying Environmental Education in the Natural Environment
Kubernatova, P.Knowledge at First Sight: Building a Model for a Data Visualization Recommender System Suited for Non-expert Users
Leenen, L. vanLecture by Girls
Martorana, R.Representation of Silence in Soundscape Perception
Meer, N. van derEducation & Video Games: Does Awareness of Educational Intention Affect a Video Game's Educational Effectiveness?
Piët, D.Objects in the Margins - Marginal Items in Sleutelbakjes
Rohrbach, P.How Passively Listening to Music Can Create an Atmosphere for Social Bonding
Rose, B.Does Motivation Play a Role in Dunbar's Number? A new perspective on the limitations of social network sizes
Rust, S.Smoothened Emotions: The Effect of (Digital) Botox on Communication
Satyukov, G.RAM-Z: Chef of the Robot Cuisine. Effects of Asking Questions in Conversational User Interfaces
Schipper, D.Effects of Visual Cues of Wind on Perception of Wind and Cycling Speed
Theelen, M.Design Guidelines for Educational Artefacts Supporting Physiotherapist Treatments
Tian, N.The Influence of Non-diegetic UI Elements in 3D Touch Controlled Games
Xu, D.Sonifying standing: An exploration of different mapping strategies of audio feedback for postural control
Young, J.Effects Caused by Surveyor Visualization Types on Honesty in Surveys and Interviews