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Master ICT in Business

Student Thesis Content
Altinay Soyer, SeherData Quality Management, A Solvency II Perspective
Arora, SwatiEnsuring success of Transition and Transformation in Sourcing. Success Factors and Effective Recommendations - CONFIDENTIAL
Berg, Elizabeth van denAn analysis of the impact of automation of human computer interfaces in the airplane industry
Blikman, RicardoRanking of Multi-Word Terms
Bruin, Wouter deIncreasing the Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
Cervellin, AndreaAssessment of Mobile Application Succes: Measurement Framework and Decision Support System - CONFIDENTIAL
Choden, TsheringEmpirical Analysis of Release Based Delivery, an agile approach to software development in a large organization
Ferwerda, AdryA longitudinal study on the effects of introducing MD*/DSL modeling on productivity in software maintenance
Genova, RaliExtending the Context of Agility ‘“ A Conceptual Model for Program and Portfolio Management of Agile Software Development Projects.
Hoedelmans, MartijnA Guide for the Selection of a Project Specific Software Development Type - CONFIDENTIAL
Horz, JeannetteManaging portfolios of agile software development projects: how do organizations do it?
Jagbandhan, JaswantPlatform-as-a-Service impacting Enterprise Agility
Kaldenbach, MichaelCross-Border Innovation Intermediary: Insights from Institutional Perspective
Kinneging, XanderEnterprise Architecture & Quality Management Integration. An explorative study - CONFIDENTIAL
Kroon, EgbertMaintenance staff, please board the project, you are delaying the handover: A research on the artifacts of knowledge transfer in Agile software development projects - CONFIDENTIAL
Liu, SimonA Case study to look at the adherence of Industial Process Descriptions for Global Software Development
Lo, JamesMeasuring agile projects for portfolio management using project outcome
Masey, JonathanA conceptual model: Identifying the drivers of pricing elasticity in Electronics.
Mathoera, AshwinAn information architecture design for the Cold Phase of the POPULATION CARE process: an explorative study
Paliogiorgos, FotiosGlobal Digital Marketing at Adidas
Philippo, Erik-JanAn Empirical Evaluation of the Impact of Requirement Ambiguity on Software Projects in a Financial Organisation
Rhijn, Herman vanEnterprise Design for a digital study and work environment. Changes in educational logistics
Sluijsmans, BasInformation exchange in the Dutch Public sector. A case study into the Digital Client Dossier - CONFIDENTIAL
Soerdjbali, SurajHow to improve fundraising in small Dutch charities using an app and user engagement
Veger, EdwinMining the Wiki Game
Wahyuni, IrnaProviding Mobile Money to Unbanked Customers
Wel, Roy vanHow can organizations cope with Agile software development practices?
Wiering, DavidBring Your Own Device. An implementation model
Zhang, SophieAn Exploratory Examination of the Practicability of COBIT framework