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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Alexandru Florian GaiuSequential Parameter Tuning of Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Barry van VeenSolving the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows using Ant Colony Optimization
Bas van SteinA Mobile Smart Care Platform - Home Spirometry by Using the Smartphone Microphone
Derk Geene TBA
Dimitar KolevPrediction of ProteinThree-Dimensional Structure
Erik ZandvlietIntelligent Agents in a Large State Space: A case study on Magic: The Gathering
Frank AnemaetGeometry-preserving algorithms for CBIR
Giso DalOn GPU Fourier Transformations
Hao WangOn Derandomization in Evolution Strategy
Iris HupkensComplexity Reduction and Validation of Computing the Expected Hypervolume Improvement
Palupi KusumaExtending Traditional Telcom Chum Prediction Using Social Network Data
Simon ZaaijerGPU Based Generation and Real-time Rendering of Semi-Procedural Terrain Using Features
Yi WangA Gene Name Normalization Framework for a Thesis
Youri HoogstrateA Voyage Through Protein Sequence Space