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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Alexander AlemanSelf-adaptive Mutation in Molecular Evolution
Edgar ReehuisMultiobjective Robust Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
Emiel WittemanCompression of DNA Sequences with Genetic Programming
Erik GastA Framework for Real-time Face and Facial Feature Tracking using Optical flow Pre-estimation and Template Tracking
Erik Jongsma Deadlock Detection in Kahn Process Networks
Francesco d'EsteArticulatory Speech Synthesis with Parallel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Frank TakesApplying Monte Carlo Techniques to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Gratian SchiopuDatamining of Sensory Datastreams in Complex Systems
Jasper VisserExploring High-Performance Regions with Model Induced Metropolis-Hastings
Jori van LierUsing Genetic Programming and Evolution Strategies to Evolve Profitable Stock Market Strategies
Nico de GrootModelling Migration Projects: An Archimate and Paradigm Case Study in a University Context
Pieter Bas DonkersteegKlondike Strategies using Monte Carlo Techniques
Roald de VriesPhysical Reo
Roy Kensmil Developing software for detection of bitmap based patterns within pictures of documents
Ruben van BodegomAutomated Document Classification of Medical Reports
Ruifang LiImmune Response to Prostate Cancer - Exploration of Normalization, Feature Selection and Classification Procedures
Saskia HiltemannDynamical Systems: Connected Predator-Prey Systems
Susan Laraghy Content-Based Image Retrieval in Image World
Yinghe Huo Multilabel Image Categorization for General Concepts Using Bag of Words Model