Students supervised by Wijshoff, prof.dr. H.A.G. (Harry)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorKling, A. (Alano)Automatically Deriving Sorting Algorithms in tUPL
PhD Computer Science2022promotorMinakova, S. (Svetlana)System-level Design For Efficient Execution of CNNs at the Edge
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorBlom, M.AMOOSE: A Domain Specific Language for the Astrophysical Multipurpose ...
PhD Computer Science2020promotorNiknam, S. (Sobhan)Generalized Strictly Periodic Scheduling Analysis, Resource Optimizati...
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorHuybers, RichardA Parallel Relation-Based Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimulation Minimiza...
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorZwaan, Dennis van der A Data Structure Optimizing Compiler for tUPL
Master Computer Science2017first supervisorHommelberg, A.G.M. (Anne)Using the Forelem Framework to Express and Optimize K-means Clustering
Master Computer Science2017first supervisorStrien, B.E. (Bart) vanDeriving Highly Efficient Implementations of Parallel PageRank
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorVerweij, G.J.W. (Geerten)Comparison of the Effectiveness of Shared Memory Optimizations for Ste...
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorZandvliet, J.J.M. (Jos)Vectorized Sparse Matrix Kernels using Hybrid Data Layouts
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorJansen, B.A. (Bernardus)The state of Bufferbloat in the Netherlands
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorKhalass, N. (Nouri)Metaprogramming in Modern Programming Languages
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorPeters, L.J. (Bert)Utilizing a Tuple-Based Optimization Framework for Graph Algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorNibbeling, J. (Joost)Implementation of A Parallel Back Substitution Solver on GPUs
Bachelor Informatica2015second supervisorVeenman, C. (Christian)A Framework for Cross-Platform Dynamically Loaded Libraries
PhD Computer Science2014promotorRietveld, K.F.D. (Kristian)A Versatile Tuple-Based Optimization Framework
Master Computer Science2014first supervisorZwet, R. (Rick) van derEnhancing Relation Discovery in Unmarked Spatial Temporal Data using V...
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorLuik, L. (Lars) vanImplementing I/O Infrastructure Improvements for S.M.A.C.K.
PhD Computer Science2013promotorHolm, C.W.M. (Mattias)Optimizing Pointer Linked Data Structures
Master Computer Science2013first supervisorDal, G. (Giso)On GPU Fourier Transformations
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorTreurniet, F. (Florian)The Leiden Zipper: A Bridging Architecture
PhD Computer Science2012promotorMinh, T.N. (Tran)Workload Modeling and Performance Evaluation in Parallel Systems
PhD Computer Science2012promotorVan Thieu, V. (Vu)Opportunities for Performance Optimization of Applications through Cod...
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorDrunen, M. (Matthijs) vanPorting S.M.A.C.K. to the x86 Architecture
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorCheng, X. (Xiwen)High Density Multi-Cell Wireless Networks
PhD Computer Science2010promotorSpek, H.L.A. (Harmen) van derTransparent Restructuring of Pointer-Linked Data
PhD Computer Science2009promotorRohling, J.H.T. (Jos)Network Properties of the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorKaziliunas, A.DISCUS: A Grade Management System
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorRietveld, K.F.R. (Kristian)An Implementation of Intelligent Disk Block Replication in Minix
PhD Computer Science2008promotorCristea, M.L. (Mihai-Lucian)Parallel and Distributed Processing in High Speed Traffic Monitoring
PhD Computer Science2008promotorLi, H. (Hui)Workload Characterization, Modeling, and Prediction in Grid Computing
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorGast, E. (Erik) AND Gouw, S. (Stijn) deHoge Kwaliteit Video op een Lage Bandbreedte Verbinding
PhD Computer Science2006promotorBerk, V.H. (Vincent)Process Query Systems: Advanced Technologies for Process Detection and...
PhD Computer Science2006promotorHaneda, M. (Masayo)Statistical Compiler Tuning
PhD Computer Science2006promotorMark, P.J. (Paul) van derCode Generation for Large Scale Applications
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorGroot, S. (Sven)Sparse Code Optimization: Automatic Transformation of Linked List Poin...
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorSpek, H. (Harmen) van derTowards an Automatic Derivation of Tarjan's Algorithm for Detecting St...
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorVelden, R. (Richard)Benchmarking Database Distribution by Simulating Load on the Web-tier
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorPinkers, R.P.J. (Rogier)Analysis of Compiler Optimizations using Orthogonal Arrays
PhD Computer Science2003promotorCheresiz, D. (Dmitry)Complex Streamed Media Processor Architecture
PhD Computer Science2002promotorKisuki, T. (Toru)Iterative Compilation in Program Organization
Master Computer Science2002supervisorKrul, T.W.J.P. (Timo)A Scalable Platform for Internet Topology Discovery and Visualization
PhD Computer Science2001promotorBreg, F. (Fabian)Java for High Performance Computing
Master Computer Science2000first supervisorSluiter, F.P. (Floris)A New Branch Prediction Strategy
PhD Computer Science1998promotorDuin, A.C.N. (Arno) van Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations
PhD Computer Science1998promotorEngelen, R.A. (Robert) van Ctadel: A Generator of Efficient Numerical Codes
PhD Computer Science1997promotorJuurlink, B.H.H. (Ben)Computational Models for Parallel Computers
PhD Computer Science1996promotorBik, A.J.C. (Aart)Compiler Support for Sparse Matrix Computations
Master Computer Science1993first supervisorHoogland, N.J. (Nick)Sold State Disk