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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Boot, R.F.Het Effect van Aanwezigheid bij Colleges op de Prestaties van Studenten
Bos, M.Analytics Using OLAP and Data Mining Techniques for Transactional Data
Bosdijk, B. (Benjamin)Dfficulties of Screen Readers in Primary School Computer and Typing Education by Children with Visual Disabilities
Bruin, L.M.W. deAnalyse van de Kennis en Opvattingen van Docenten in het Nederlands Basis- en Middelbaar Onderwijs (K12) over de Vakintegratie van Computational Thinking
Cheng, T.Y.Delivery Optimisation Through Data Mining for Micro-sized Restaurants in the SME Sector
Deve, C.Classifying Medical Misinformation on Health Forums
Driessen, R.UML Class Models as First-class Citizen: Metadata at Design-time and Run-time
Holtes, J.Using datamining for predicting traffic jams on Dutch highways
Huijs, W.P.Het Effect van een Programmeerzomerkamp op Self-efficacy, Stereotype en Toekomstige Carrière Keuze bij Meisjes
Huiskens, T.J.M.Adaptive AI in Game Tutorials
Klein Essink, C.J. Real-time Assignment of Service Engineers based on Multiple Criteria Optimisation
Laros, J.Originality in News Media Compared to University Press
Lommen, Y.V. (Yven)Visualization Tool for Motifs in Multilayer Temporal Networks
Meurs, M.G.M. vanClassifying Film Scripts by Genre Using Word Features and Structured Features: a Text Mining Approach
Plas, L.P. (Leendert) van derThe Influence of Behavioral Richness on Human's Perception of Reception Robots
Sijpesteijn, B.K.Accessibility of Subgroup Discovery on Housing Data Through Bar Visualization
Spierings, L.Classifying Strength Exercises Performed by Wheelchair Users Using Accelerometer Data of Wearables
Turner, B.Misconcepties van Onervaren Programmeurs over While Loops
Vlokhoven, W.P.J.C. vanCritical Success Factors and Hosting Cost Reduction for a Cloud Based Platform as a Service
Weterings, T.The Acceptance of Robotic Process Automation Software Explained by the Technology Acceptance Model