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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Buijsman, S. (Stefan)Typing Streams
Burgh, B. (Benjamin) van derAn Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding Diverse Sets of Molecules with User-Defined Properties
Engelen, J. (Jesper) vanGuided Rewriting in Families of Languages
Groentjes, T. (Tom)Holography and Kinect
Heesterbeek, R. (Ruud)A Genetic Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem with Area Constraints
Heiningen, P. (Pepijn) vanEvaluation of Image Quilting Algorithms
Hijmans, B. (Bart)Multi-objective Generation of Bicycle Routes
Hoekveen, M. (Mark)Infinite 3D Worlds
Hollander, E. (Erik)Multi-scale Map Visualization
Kappé, T. (Tobias)Linear Stream Circuits and Rational Streams: there and back again
Leuven, J. (Joost)Testing of Channel Based Service Connectors
Leznar, A. (Alexander)A Start List Scheduling and Optimization Algorithm for Equestrian Events
Nes, M. (Matthijs) van deCoverability and Extended Petri Nets
Ozaydin, U. (Umut)Robustness in Salient Point Detection
Rico, N. (Nuno)Image Classification on Flickr using TOP-SURF Visual Word Kit
Rijn, S. (Sander) vanImplementing a Model Checker for Simple Recursive Languages
Treurniet, F. (Florian)The Leiden Zipper: A Bridging Architecture
Vos, M. (Michiel)Self-Tracking with Multiple Sensor Systems
Witte, B. (Boyd)Plagiarism Detection in C++ Programs
Zeegers, M. (Mathe)A Kinetic Monte Carlo Implementation of the Cellular Potts Model with SciQL
Zijdemans, S.H. (Shi Hao)Contracting in Agile Software Projects: Current Challenges and New Possible Solutions