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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Abbas PeymaniCluster 2.0: Collaboration makes Innovation Happen
Frank van GemerenHigh-Performance Framework for Web Applications
Hans Wortel and Thomas DorsmanFrom Closed-Loop Video to 3D Model Via Silhouettes
Jens van de WaterSubsumption Architecture-Based Social Interactive Robot Arm
Jonathan VisParticle Swarm Optimizer for Finding Robust Optima
Kerem DenizmenVN Movie Recommender
Kristian Rietveld:Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Pieter JordaanThe Animated Abacus
Sjaak WolffCell-Forum: Collaborative Multi-User Virtual World Applications
Sjoerd van EgmondSmart Autofill for Photos in Albums
Stefan WinkAnalysis and visualisation of defects in software projects
Timo MorsinkHashiwokakero