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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Denizmen, K. (Kerem)VN Movie Recommender
Egmond, S. (Sjoerd) vanSmart Autofill for Photos in Albums
Gemeren, F. (Frank) vanHigh-Performance Framework for Web Applications
Jordaan, P. (Pieter)The Animated Abacus
Morsink, T. (Timo)Hashiwokakero
Peymani, A. (Abbas)Cluster 2.0: Collaboration Makes Innovation Happen
Rietveld, K.F.R. (Kristian)Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Vis, J.K. (Jonathan)Particle Swarm Optimizer for Finding Robust Optima
Water, J. (Jens) van deSubsumption Architecture-Based Social Interactive Robot Arm
Wink, S. (Stefan)Analysis and Visualisation of Defects in Software Projects
Wolff, S. (Sjaak)Cell-Forum: Collaborative Multi-User Virtual World Applications
Wortel, H. (Hans) AND Dorsman, T. (Thomas)From Closed-Loop Video to 3D Model Via Silhouettes