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Student Thesis
Aarti Khoesial The Use of Archimate and Archetypes in a National Clinical Environment:Case study: the data capture of the clinical core dataset (i.e. the LMR) for patients who have consulted or are treated by a specialist
Alexander Nezhinsky Analysis of water height prediction. How rules determine the operator
Arjen de Mooij Graphview: a Kahn Process Network Visualization Tool
Bart Samwel Pebble Scope and the Power of Pebble Tree Transducers
Bas Groenendijk Uncovering the Classification Characteristics of Olfactory G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Edwin Rikkers Robocop Components Trust and Simulation
Eric Hogewoning Strategies for Affect-Controlled Action-Selection in Soar-RL
Jan-Willem Klinkenberg SMS-Algorith for Parallel Multiobjective Optimization with Costly Evaluations
Klaske van Vuurden Searching for unique strings of variable length in DNA using pruned and truncated suffix trees
Luc Strijbosch Speeding up Ozone Profile Retrieval using Machine Learning Techniques
Maarten Altorf Data mining on grids
Marjolein Braak Optimizing visualization techniques of Triangulated threedimensional models derived from plan-parallel microscopic images
Sander van der Maar Tomography and the Cell
Yini Bao Content Based Web Sampling
Zan Li Microrray image analysis with focus on background correction