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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Chen, X. (Xueqin)Information Diffusion Analysis in Online Social Networks Based on Deep Representation Learning
Dirkson, A.R. (Anne)Knowledge Discovery from Patient Forums: Gaining Novel Insights from Patient Experiences
Jesus de Araujo Rios, T. (Thiago) deLearning-based Representations of High-dimensional CAE Models for Automotive Design Optimization
Latour, A.L.D. (Anna)Optimal Decision Making under Constraints and Uncertainity
Lin, J. (Jiadong)Algorithms for Structural Variant Detection
Minakova, S. (Svetlana)System-level Design For Efficient Execution of CNNs at the Edge
Pu, N. (Nan)Exploring Open-World Visual Understanding with Deep Learning
Stikkolorum, D.R. (Dave)Studies into Interactive Didactic Design Approaches for Learning Software Design using UML
Thill, M. (Markus)Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches for Multivariate Time Series Predication and Anomaly Detection
Wang, X. (Xue)Multi Modal Representation Learning and Cross-Modal Semantic Matching
Wang, Y. (Yali)Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimal Scheduling
Yarkoni, S. (Sheir)Applications of Quantum Annealing in Combinatorial Optimization
Ye, F. (Furong)Benchmarking Discrete Optimization Heuristics: From Building a Sound Experimental Environment to Algorithm Configuration