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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bagheri, SaminehSelf-Adjusting Surrogate-Assisted Optimization Techniques for Expensive Constrained Black Box Problems
Blok, BobCreatIef, Creatiever, CreaTiefst?
Changizi, BehnazConstraint-Based Analysis of Business Process Models
De Paula Bueno, MarcosUnraveling Temporal Processes using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Echtenbruck, MartinaOptimally weighted ensembles of surrogate models for sequential parameter optimization
Koch, MilanData-Driven Machine Learning and Optimization Pipelines for Real-World Applications
Mirsoleimani, AliStructured Parallel Programming for Monte Carlo Tree Search
Niknam, SobhanGeneralized Strictly Periodic Scheduling Analysis, Resource Optimization, and Implementation of Adaptive Streaming Applications
Pijnenburg, MarkData Science for Tax Administration
Raasveldt, MarkIntegrating Analytics with Relational Databases
Serbanescu, VladSoftware Development by Abstract Behavioural Specification
Shan, HongchangTowards High Performance and Efficient Brain Computer Interface Character Speller: Convolutional Neural Network based Methods
Soltani, MozhanExploring Means to Facilitate Software Debugging
Tang, XiaoqinOptimization and Application of 3D Reconstruction for Optical Projection Tomography
Toubman, ArmonCalculated Moves: Generating Air Combat Behaviour
Wang, PengOn the Power Efficiency, Low latency, and Quality of Service in Network-on-Chip