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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bezirgiannis, N. (Nikolaos)Abstract Behavioral Specification: Unifying Modeling and Programming
Fernández Sáez, A.M. (Ana)Studying the Benefits of using UML on Software Maintenance: an Evidence-Based Approach
Gouveia da Costa Cachucho, R. E. (Ricardo) deMethods and Tools for Mining Multivariate Time Series
Liu, Y. (Yu)Exploring Images with Deep Learning for Classification, Retrieval and Synthesis
Maulana, A. (Asep)Many Objective Optimization and Complex Network Analysis
Schraffenberger, H.K. (Hanna)Arguably Augmented Reality, Relationships Between the Virtual and the Real
Stein, B. (Bas) vanData Driven Modeling & Optimization of Industrial Processes
Wang, H. (Hao)Stochastic and Deterministic Algorithms for Continuous Black-Box Optimization