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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Cai, F. (Fuyu)Fuzzy Systems and Unsupervised Computing: Exploration of Applications in Biology
Guo, Y. (Yanming)Deep Learning for Visual Understanding
Guo, Y. (Yuanhao)Shape Analysis for Phenotype Characterization from High-Throughput Imaging
Liu, D. (Di)Latency, Energy, and Schedulability of Real-Time Embedded Systems
Radosavljevik, D. (Dejan)Applying Data Mining in Telecommunications
Ruijl, B.J.G. (Ben)Advances in Computational Methods for Quantum Field Theory Calculations
Spasic, Jelena Improved Hard Real-Time Scheduling and Transformations for Embedded Streaming Applications
Yang, K. (Kaifeng)Multi-Objective Bayesian Global Optimization for Continuous Problems and Applications