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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Aştefănoaei, L. (Lăcrămioara)An Executable Theory of Multi-Agent Systems Refinement
Dmitrieva, J.B. (Julia)Aspects of Ontology Visualization and Integration
Izadi, M. (Mohammad)Model Checking of Component Connectors
Kemper, S. (Stephanie)Modelling and Analysis of Real-time Coordination Patterns
Krause, C. (Christian)Reconfigurable Component Connectors
Mensink, W.H. (Wouter)Subject of Innovation or: How to Redevelop 'the Patient' with Technology
Moon, Y.-J. (Young-Joo)Stochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors
Oerlemans, A.A.J. (Ard)Content-based Retrieval of Visual Information
Proença, J.M.P. (José)Synchronous Coordination of Distributed Components
Stupka, E. (Elia)Fish Genomes: A Powerful Tool to Uncover New Functional Elements in Vertebrates
Wang, J. (Jun)Spiking Neural P Systems
Zhang, Y. (Yanju)Heterogeneous Data Analysis for Annotation of MicroRNAs and Novel Genome Assembly