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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Breukelaar, R. (Ron)Interaction and Evolutionary Algorithms
Bruin, J.S. (Jeroen) deService-oriented Discovery of Knowledge: Foundations, Implementations and Applications
Grüner, A. (Andreas)Testing Object Interactions
Jaghoori, M.M. (Mohammad)Time at Your Service: Schedulability Analysis of Real-time and Distributed Services
Kaplan, M.J.G.P. (Maxime)Commercieel Onderhandelen: Een Transdisciplinaire Aanpak
Lameijer, E.M.W. (Eric-Wubbo)Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms and Data Mining for Drug Design
Meijer, S. (Sjoerd)Transformations for Polyhedral Process Networks
Nugroho, A. (Ariadi)The Effects of UML Modeling on the Quality of Software
Putten, P.W.H. (Peter) van derOn Data Mining in Context: Cases, Fusion and Evaluation
Spek, H.L.A. (Harmen) van derTransparent Restructuring of Pointer-Linked Data
Thomée, B. (Bart)A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Content-based Image Retrieval Techniques