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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Antariksa, CaniaThe Implementation of the Richness and the Subtleties of Islamic Principles in Video Games
Bollinger, ImaraVocabulary Diversity in Dutch Hip-hop Lyrics, in Relation to Artist Gender, Age and Popularity
Guerin, Roman Reducing the Perception of AI Bias in Human-Robot Interaction Using Empathic Curiosity
Lemken, IvoStories of a Real Man: A Hybrid Autoethnography on My Maleness and Masculinity
Lind, TiesSound Logos: Investigating the Saliency of Melody and Timbre
Magee, MarkComparing Performance of Monohaptic and Bihaptic Vibrational Feedback Spatial Devices in a Blindfolded Pathfinding Maze Study
Midden, Sjoerd vanAre You a Boy or a Girl or Something in Between? Using Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to Find Out How Non-cis Video Game Players Want to Be Represented in Video Games
Mintjes, MaartenSocrates, Aristotle and the Near Future of AI Ethics
Noordenne van, MariseIIA4XAI: Interactive Installation Art to Increase Non-Expert User Engagement with AI Systems
Samiei, AlirezaThe Co-investment Network of the Dutch Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Complex Network Approach
Siegmund, DanielTricky Throws and Pretty Patterns: Improving Upon 40 Years of Juggling Notation
Song, Peng Make Your Choices: The Revelation of Gender Identity Through Choosing Video Game Characters
Wartna, Lisanne“You suck, pls uninstall” - Towards a Better Understanding of Toxic Behaviour in Online Multiplayer Video Games
Wisselink, OlafBar, Rope, String: An Exploratory Study into Relationships between Physical Interfaces and Digital Sound Synthesis