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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Astolfi, F.Exploring Explanatory Techniques and Transparency of Popular Science Videos on YouTube
Barancová, A.Google, What are Algorithms?
Bruijn, M. deThe Effect of Added Sounds on Urban Soundscape Evaluation and Listening Activity
Gelein, M.Simulating Mistakes - Using Agent Based Models to Simulate and Study the Effects of Scribal Errors in Classical Text Transmission
Graven, MaxHeritage Presents: Critical Approaches to New Media and Cultural Heritage
Hoek, L. vanEvolving Virtual Embodied Agents Using External Artifact Evaluations
Järv, E.All Work and No Play Makes Jack an Inefficient Employee: a Study on Video Games’ Effects on Sustained Attention
Maheen, A.Perhaps, Essences. Practice Based Exploration on the Perception of Space in Visual Deprivation
Marton, Dorottya Corporate Mindfulness: Post-Christian spirituality at work
Miltenburg, J. vanCooperative Serendipitous Discoveries with Interactive Evolutionary Computation: a Case Study with 3D Models
Mollen, J.Bonding with BlockBot: a Field Exploration of the Effect of Common Locus on Human-Robot Bonding
Nales, Y.Deciding the Fate of the World on a Daily Basis: Comparing Rationality in Decision Making Between RPG Gamers and Non-Gamers
Öberg, H.The Importance of Nothingness
Panto, A.Visualizing Uncertainty in an Interactive VR Reconstruction of a Cultural Heritage site – the Case Study of Pieter De Graeff’s “Boekenkamer”
Reisen, V. vanShort-term Influence of Physical Activity on the Expectation to Use an Exercise App
Rijswijck, J. vanSinger Magazine: A Speculative Creation to Spark Reflection on Animal Ethics
Sinha, K.Poetic Abstraction at Attention Restoration: Investigating the Effects of Nature Based Poetry on Attention Restoration
Toonstra, L.The Prosocial Interactive Narrative - On the Exploration, Development and Validation of a New Measuring Method
Vellekoop, O.The Recognition and Disturbance of Notification Sounds Integrated into the Music
Wong-a-Foe, D.Similar or Disparate Brain Patterns? EEG Variability in Jaran Kepang Dancers