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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Arenas Rebolledo, Y.A Test for a Lovelace Machine
Aussems, E. Context Photojournalism
Bos, X.Computer Assisted Brainstorming: Which Ideation Tool is Best and What Makes it Best?
Bot, R.Effects of Standardized Quadcopter Flight Patterns on Foraging Birds: a Test Case for Autonomous Data Gathering in Ecological Research
Fragkiadakis, M.Influence of Surround Sound on Visual Fixations During Voluntary Video Viewing
Frings, B.Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Produced By Wireless Technologies Might Actually Do Cause Adverse Health Effects. But How?
Kockesen, G.Effects of Switching Audio Cues in Survival Horror Games on Level of Fear
Liu, D.Navigation in an Audio Maze Game with Quadraphonic and Octophonic Speaker Set-Ups
Lodewijk, M.Being Superman: Effects of Superhero Embodiment in Virtual Reality on Exertion Capabilities
Noë, B.Investigating Social Comparison in the Context of an Online Pay-What-You-Want Store
Oldenhof, D.Can a Physical 3-Dimensional Display Improve the Understanding of Topographic Maps for People with Low Spatial Ability
Oorschot, J.L. (Jeroen) vanAssessing Aggression: A Physical Approach
Rijntjes, T.An Experiment in Engineering a Synthetic Organism-Enterprise
Ruyg, M.Does the Data Doppelgänger Reside in the Uncanny Valley?
Stork, L.Assessing Systematic Distortions in Visuospatial Mental Representations with use of Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
Teunisse, C.CloseHR: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Interpersonal Touch on the Sense of Presence in an Immersive Hybrid Environment
Yousefi, H.Guiding Through the Dawn: Effects of Visual Stimuli and Aids on Early-onset Young Dementia Patients