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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Aarts, Kimberley A novel method of facial features extraction for model discovery
Baart, TheoFactors influencing IT-audit support effectiveness: quantifying their impact
Bevacqua, Nunzia ConcettaData Governance practices for Big Data ethics
Echenique, MarcoAutomation technologies in the Sales Operations process
Gao, Her An Electronic Commerce Reference Architecture for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Gonesh, ClemensThe usage of digital platforms to circumvent gatekeeping mechanisms in Africa
Gopal, AshwiniTowards a framework for IoT mesh analysis
Haaster, Stefan vanA multi-criteria decision-making model for EA maturity models in the context of Industry 4.0
Huo, MingyueThe adoption and acceptance of the FAIR principles: Digital health in China
Jutte, ArjanKey Factors for reducing IT complexity
Kievit, StijnTo Churn or Not to Churn: A Comparative Study
Klijn, RubenDisruptive technology and firm performance: Analyzing disruptiveness in firm patent porfolios
Kruijssen, AgeAssessing Risks of Open Source Components in Software Due Diligence
Lieuw-Hie, GivanIdentifying the determinants of the adoption process of personal digital health platforms
Miljoen, JoostCreating a decision model to help web developers prevent their web applications for vulnerabilities
Neerbos, Koen vanImproving Complex IT-Architectures to Optimize Data-Exchange
Plancius, AnneTowards a Multi-Dimensional Maturity Model: Assessing Devops Success
Robijn, JonathanPass Outcome Prediction in Football
Rodenburg, MarkThe impact of data analytics on the effectiveness of SMEs strategic decision-making processes
Salih, RozhThe influence of Artificial Intelligence awareness on the acceptance by users
Schumacher, MaximilianAgile and Enterprise Architecture Practices: Convergence or conflict?
Singh, PrabdeepAnalyzing the NIST Cyber Security framework through a blockchain lens
Vaishampayan, AditiIncorporation of automated process discovery in the RPA lifecycle
Zhang, ZuoqinA study of enterprise architecture for secondary vocational education institutions: A lightweight enterprise architecture framework