Students supervised by Goultiaev, dr. A.P. (Sacha)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorDias Cirilio, AlexandreUncovering epigenetic drivers of cardiometabolic traits through histon...
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorMeer, Oscar van derAlphaGo-like inverse RNA folding algorithms
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorWalen, RubenIntersegmental RNA-RNA interactions in influenza A virus genomes: a bi...
Bachelor Bioinformatica2021second supervisorBiesot, N. (Nienke)Actionable Pharmacogenomic Variation Present in the General Population
Bachelor Bioinformatica2021first supervisorBelle, N. (Niels) vanThe Bioinformatic Search for ENOD40 Genes in the Rosales Order and Pos...
Bachelor Bioinformatica2021first supervisorVijfvinkel, D. (Daan)Discovery of ENOD40 RNA in Poaceae
Master Computer Science2020second supervisorBernatavičius, AndriusRLIF: Reinforcement learning-based RNA design tool
Bachelor Bioinformatica2020second supervisorHeijnen, L.S.E.M. (Lucas)Revisiting the Evolution and Function of Polyglutamine Repeats
Bachelor Bioinformatica2020first supervisorCheung, M. (Menco)Mining Structural Patterns in a Non-coding RNA Related to Influenza Vi...
Master Computer Science2019third supervisorDimitriadis, PetrosPredicting Graft Survival in Kidney Transplantation using Neural Netwo...
Master Computer Science2018first supervisorZammit, AlanSecondary Structure Models and Homology Search for Viral RNA
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorCames van Batenburg D.F. J.Identificaton of Transposable Element Insertion into the enod40 RNA
Bachelor Informatica2015second supervisorPartodikromo, E. (Elisa)Datamining the Peptide Sequenome