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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Blom, ChantalExperience of events with data
Capel, Oscar vanImproving event experience using app data - CONFIDENTIAL
Claessens, PimExploratory Data Analysis and Visualization for Cyber Security Log Files
Efferen, Lennart vanAdaptive Cyber Security: Machine Learning Techniques for a Flow-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection System
Gonesh, ClemensApplication of Subgroup Discovery: Finding Patterns using Heart Rate Time Series - CONFIDENTIAL
Lieuw-Hie, GivanOptimizing the Customer Journey to Events
Liu, JodyData-driven Estimation of Consultation Time using Regression
Luijtgaarden, Nick van deOptimizing the core business processes of financial asset management companies using blockchain technology
Maduro,GregoryFinding Consensus for Financial Models Time Series-Prediction
Massar, JeroenDifference in code obfuscation between different programming languages
Miljoen,JoostDanger detection with different data feeds
Nijhuis, Jasper vanToepassing van data mining bij het vinden van onrechtmatige declaraties in de farmaceutische sector
Oedayrajsingh Varma,VinayA survey of classical public-key cryptography and post-quantum lattice-based cryptography
Onderwater,ChrisFinding and visualizing patterns in Borderline Personality Disorder fMRI Images
Ramautar,VijantiAnalysis of BPMN collaboration diagrams using Petri nets
Rasenberg, MarkDatamining in data van de Intensive Care: Wel of geen bloedtransfusie?
Sieraal,VincentData Preparation of Financial Accounts to Predict Bankruptcy of Companies
Tang,Wai-YipPredicting Interest in Rental Apartments - CONFIDENTIAL
Vorm,Yorick van derPredicting Dangerous Traffic Situations By Analyzing Car Driver's Braking Behaviour - CONFIDENTIAL