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Student Thesis
Arjan van Zadelhoff UML Class Diagram Simplification: A Survey Study
Duncan Rozemond Multiple Objective Portfolio Optimization using Evolution Strategies
Erik Massop Hilbert's tenth problem
Erik Zandvliet Developing an Ant System with Visual Support
Erwin Haas Automated Classification of Skin Diseases using Tile-Based Texture Features
Fee Yun Wong Using Software Design Principles for Software Systems
Floris Kleyn An Investigation into Recommendation Algorithms
Frank van Rijn Niching for Finding Robust Optima
Jan Kalmeijer Extracting Information from an Energy Expenditure Dataset
Jan-Paul van Osta Routing with Ant Colony Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
Jouke Witteveen Minng Hyperintervals: Getting to Grips with Real-Valued Data
Leroy van Delft Efficient Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions
Lucas van der Meer Ready for the future in health informatics: towards semantic interoperability in dermatology
Maja Jakobik Novius Model in Archimate
Martin Wimmers Designing and Implementing a System for the Evolutionary Optimization of an Airfoil
Matthijs van Drunen Porting S.M.A.C.K. to the x86 Architecture
Paul Kasteleyn
Piet van Hekke On the Scalability of Evolution Strategies on High-Dimensional Problems
Ramon de Graaff Authorship Attributing using Compression Distances
Stefan Schrama Shikaku
Thijs van Ommen The Assignment Problem on Sets of Strings
Tyron Offerman Maintaining a Software System with the Use of Domain-Specific Languages
Xander Croes 3D Visualization of Mycobacterium infection on Zebrafish