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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bruin, G.J. (Gerrit Jan) deNetwork Analysis Methods for Smart Inspection in the Transport Domain
Dokter, K.P.C. (Kasper)Scheduled Protocol Programming
Gomez Maureira, M.A. (Maro)Exploration Through Video Games
Kefalas, M. (Marios)Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance and Time-Series Applications
Kong, J. (Jiawen)Learning Class-Imbalanced Problems from the Perspective of Data Intrinsic Characteristics
Lao, M. (Mingrui)Exploring Deep Learning for Multimodal Understanding
Lion, B. (Benjamin)An Algebra for Interaction of Cyber Physical Components
Liu, D. (Danyi)Interaction with Sound Participatory Systems and Data Sonification
Meijer, D.W.J. (Dirk)Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Urban Drainage Inspection
Moussa, C. (Charles)Algorithm Selection and Configuration for Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Methods for Industrial Applications
Pereira Barata, A.P. (Antonio)Fair and Reliable Machine Learning for Risk Assessment
Skolik, A. (Andrea)Quantum Machine Learning: On the Design, Trainability and Noise-Robustness of Near-Term Algorithms
Ullah, S. (Sibghat)Model-Assisted Robust Optimization for Continuous Black-Box Problems
Zeegers, M. (Mathe)Spectral Imaging and Tomographic Reconstruction Methods for Industrial Applications