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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Balevic,A. (Ana)Exploiting Multi-level Parallelism in Streaming Applications for Heterogeneous Platforms with GPUs
Duivesteijn, W. (Wouter)Exceptional Model Mining
Gouw, C.P.T. (Stijn) deCombining Monitoring with Run-time Assertion Checking
Haastregt, S.J.J. (Sven) vanEstimation and Optimization of the Performance of Polyhedral Process Networks
Holm, C.W.M. (Mattias)Optimizing Pointer Linked Data Structures
Koch, P. (Patrick)Efficient Tuning in Supervised Machine Learning
Nezhinsky, A.E. (Alexander)Pattern Recognition in High-throughput Zebrafish Imaging
Reehuis, E.J.J. (Edgar)Guiding Evolutionary Search towards Innovative Solutions
Yan, K. (Kuan)Image Analysis and Platform Development for Automated Phenotyping in Cytomics
Zhou, Z. (Zhao)Technology Entrepreneurship A Process Framework