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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bertens, Laura M.F.Computerised modelling for developmental biology : an exploration with case studies
Heijstek, WernerArchitecture design in global and model-centric software development
I. GrabeStatic analysis of unbounded structures in object-oriented programs
I.M. HeinleApplication of evolutionary strategies to industrial forming simulations for the identification and validation of constitutive laws
Kallergi, AmaliaConnecting the dots : playful interactions with scientific image data in repositories
Kruisselbrink, Johannes W.Evolution strategies for robust optimization
KSAWERY MULINSKIDesigning Structural Supply Chain Flexibility
M.N. TranWorkload modeling and performance evaluation in parallel systems
Nadezhkin, DmitryParallelizing dynamic sequential programs using polyhedral process networks
Rahmani, HosseinAnalysis of protein-protein interaction networks by means of annotated graph mining algorithms
Vu, Van ThieuOpportunities for performance optimization of applications through code generation
Witsenburg, M.D.J. (Tijn)Hybrid similarities : a method to insert relational information into existing data mining tools