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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Andre JonkerValue of ‘œCollaboration Platform‘For Knowledge Intensive Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (KI-SMEs)
Carl SuaresProject Management Steps towards professionalization
Constantijn BakkerTowards balancing business- and it interests in architectural design decisions
Dejan RadosavljevikPrepaid Churn Modeling Using Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators
Fabian IflandExternal IT Application Complexity and its impact on the organization
Gerrit van der MeijdenIT Project Standards In A Globally Distributed Organization
Jan VisserBeheersing of afstemming
Jos de GrootBusiness IT Alignment and a Market Orientation
Jurjen BorstThe weight of Corporate Culture in the ERP Software Selection Process
Lei ZengChange Management in Software Process Improvement, the case of a global financial group
Libing QiuA Comparison of Process Descriptions and Specifications in the Offshored Software Development Industry
Peter BargonBuilding a Cost Effective Vendor Management Service
Qiaoya WangApplying Density Estimation Model to Driving Behavior Analysis
Qingjing YangAudit: An Integration Oriented Internal Control and Monitor Tool for Process Management --A Case study of Canon CR process
Raymond de VosNetworks and information technology: Citizens taking responsibility and participate within a changing health care environment
Rene Noorduin GreccoLocal Governments, How Change Process Analysis Can be Used to Explain Why E-Participation Projects Fail
Sandhya LalloesinghExploring the operational working routines in the domain of virtual projects
Stef CobelensExploring in-game advertising in first person shooters
Stefan ZhelyazkovBusiness Value of software in SMEs
Yuguang ShiApplication of Kriging on Auto Insurance Premium Calculation Modeling