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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
A. StamTowards modeling techniques for component based software design
A.H. CelebiBlackboard frameworks in SOCCA developing a blackboard framework for a single-user agenda and modelling this in SOCCA
A.T. IsmailVisual Data Mining
B. JansenSolving CSPs and COPs using self-adaptive constraint weights
E. AalbregtUsing OO metrics And heuristics to evaluate OO programs
F.P. Sluiter HWA new Branch Prediction Strategy
G.A.C. van HeurnHet Eindspel in het Schaken: Van Database tot Regels
J. de WildeObjectgeoriënteerde databases
J. KuiperMotion segmentation by combining optical Flow and Colour Regions
J.M. StoorvogelAnticipatie op verandering in functionaliteit
K. v.d. HoekEen hernieuwde overdracht. De rol van de overdrachtsfase in de software life cycle
M. den HeijerParallel Face Recognition
M. PapeschiParticle Swarm Optimization. Empirical comparison with Evolution Strategies and Self-adaptation of the inertia weight
P.P.J. BominaarNiching methods for Evolution Strategies in Multimodal Dynamic Landscapes
R. VisserThe Dectection, tracking and Recognition of Moving Objects: an Approach
Roel NobackConnectivity Services
S.D. de HoogSSD-Afstudeerverslag
S.G.R. NijssenData Mining using Logic, Tightening the gap between logic and specialised algorithms