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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
A.M.J. SpaansA content based query Algorithm for a databse of seismic images
Adoram, M. (Meirav)Image Retrieval using Shape
Arkel, D.F.R. (Diederik) vanAnnotated Types - A System for Constrained Datatypes in Functional Languages
Best, J.P. (Jan-Pascal) vanTree-Walking Automata and Monadic Second Order Logic
Breugel, C. (Camiel) vanA Visual Method for Teaching Grammatical Concepts to Primary and Secondary Schoolers: An Interactive Sentence Assembly Tool on the Internet
Brugman, H. (Henk)Software Process Modelling in SOCCA
Buijs, J.M. (Jean Marie)Toward Semantic Based Multimedia Search
Craenen, B.G.W. (Bart)An Experimental Comparison of Three Different Heuristic Gas for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Cuyper, I. (Ignacx) deData Warehousing: Richtlijnen en Criteria voor de Integrale Aspecten van een Ontwikkelstraat
Eggermont, J. (Jeroen)Rule-extraction and Learning in the BP-SOM Architecture
Ehteshami, M. (Mehran)Use Case Driven SOCCA Modelling
Fransen, P.M. (Pauline)Solving Vehicle Routing Problems with Genetic Algorithms and Heuristics
Hemert, J.I. (Jano) vanApplying Adaptive Evolutionary Algorthms to Hard Problems
Jankie, R. (Rokesh)Solving a University Timetabling Problem using Local Search
Jong, M.B. (Michiel) deAdaptive Sampling on the Similarities Between Learning and Evolving
Kerstholt, J.M.C. (Janine)AWENS Artificial Worls for Evolving New Species. An Investigation to Creation of New Digital Species
Moolenaar, H.J. (Henk)Evolutionary Algorithms and the Set Partitioning Problem
Most, J. (Jeroen) van derThe Design and Implementation of a Socca Editor
Nieuwland, M. (Madelon)FRESCO, an Electronic Document Mangement System in SSI
Roks, J. (Jeroen)Towards Code Generation in a SOCCA Environment
Slootbeek, R.H.R. (Ron)Proposal for a New Connection Management Architecture
Sum, T.W. (Nelson)Configuration Management