Students supervised by Rozenberg, prof.dr. G. (Grzegorz)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
PhD Computer Science2015promotorVliet, R. (Rudy) vanDNA Expressions: A Formal Notation for DNA
PhD Computer Science2008promotorBrijder, R. (Robert)Models of Natural Computation: Gene Assembly and Membrane Systems
PhD Computer Science2005promotorGelsema, T.E. (Tjalling)Effective Models for the Structure of pi-Calculus Processes with Repli...
PhD Computer Science2005promotorHenkel, C.V. (Christiaan).Experimental DNA computing
Master Computer Science2005second supervisorGao, Y. (Yan)P. Systems with Non-reactive Objects
PhD Computer Science2004promotorFrisco, P. (Pierluigi)Theory of Molecular Computing. Splicing and Membrane Systems
PhD Computer Science2004promotorManeth, S. (Sebastian)Models of Tree Translation
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorBrijder, R. (Robert)Characterizing Reducibility of Gene Patterns in Ciliates
PhD Computer Science2003promotorBeek, M.H. (Maurice) terTeam Automata: A Formal Approach to the Modeling of Collaboration Betw...
PhD Computer Science2002promotorVugt, N. (Nike) vanModels of Molecular Computing
PhD Computer Science2001promotorHage, J. (Jurriaan)Structural Aspects for Switching Classes
PhD Computer Science1996promotorKeesmaat, N.W. (Iko)Vector Controlled Concurrent Systems
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorDassen, J.H.M. (Ray)Molecular Computation and Splicing Systems
PhD Computer Science1995promotorPas, P. (Paulien) tenTrees and Texts
PhD Computer Science1994promotorHoogers, P.W. (Peter)Behavioural Aspects of Petri Nets
PhD Computer Science1990promotorLeih, G. (George)Graph Grammers and Petri Nets with References
PhD Computer Science1987promotorAalbersberg, IJ.J. (IJsbrand Jan)Studies in Trace Theory
PhD Computer Science1987promotorHoogeboom, H.J. (Hendrik Jan)Coordinated Pair Systems
PhD Computer Science1983promotorKleijn, H.C.M. (Jetty)Selective Substitution Grammars based on Context-Free Productions