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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Angenent, M.N.From Financial Statements to Business Sector Prediction: a Data Mining Approach
Bakker, T.B.Microgrid Blockchain Enabled Solar Panel Electricity Trading
Blinde, R.JA Comparison of Algorithms for Visualizing Large Social Networks in Web-based Environments
Bosch, M.R.Detection of Suspicious Behaviour from Ship Transponder Data
Brochard, M. Analysing Time Series Data of Children Speaking in Public to Learn More about Social Anxiety
Duyn, M. vanVisual Classification of E-discovery Images with Neural Networks
Klein Essink, C.J.Real-time Assignment of Service Engineers Based on Multiple Criteria Optimisation
Krabbendam, T.S.Programming Misconceptions of Children from Ages 8 to 11
Oosterhoorn, T.Data Science in the Field of Heart Disease PLN
Randel, O.R.Petri Nets & Property Directed Reachability
Schaalje, B.Successful Knowledge Management: A practically Applicable Measurement Method
Schut, F.G.B.Machine Learning and Technical Analysis for Foreign Exchange Data with Automated Trading
Sytstra, J.P.Data Governance voor het Rijksvastgoedbedrijf - CONFIDENTIAL
Toussaint, G.The Risks and Rewards of Pressure in Football.
Van Vlokhoven, W.Critical Success Factors and Hosting Cost Reduction for a Cloud Based Platform as a Service
Zandbelt, R.A.Analyzing Referral Letters Using Text Mining
Zetten, W. vanAnalysis of Tactical Behavior in Soccer: Capturing and Analysing Space