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Student Thesis
Anton den Hoed Parsing and Conversion of SMILES-Strings to Molecular Graphs
Barry van Veen Multiobjective Particle Swarm Algorithm for Building Design Optimization
Ben Kwint How do we look at UML?
Derk Geene The NLP-Editor: A Case Study about Eclipse Plug-In-Development
Derk Mus Signal Browser
Giso Dal An Approach to Map Sequential Applications onto Multi-Processor Platforms
Harma Everts Art or Artificial
Jaron Vietor Multithreading voor iedereen
Johan de Ruiter On Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles and Related Topics
Johan IJsveld Camera Controlled Robot
Jurriaan Rot A Pushdown System Representation for Unbounded Object Creation
Menno Luiten The Anatomy of a Collaborative Image Search System
Oswald de Bruin Calculating and Predicting. Five or More
Robert Marijt Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings
Robin van den Broek Visualizing the Level of Detail in UML Models
Simon Zaaijer Bundle Tracing using Geometric Algebra
Thijs Vermeulen, Jelle Oosterhof Image optimization, feature extraction and classification in Neurobiology: Dendritic spines under stress
Wouter de Zwijger Demonstration Tools for Petri Nets
Wouter Zomervrucht De Complexiteit van Buchbergers Algoritme
Zeki Karaca Discovering Intelligence in a Natural Environment