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Student Thesis
Amit Oemraw SubCVS: Merging version control systems in a servlet-based repository browser
Andrew Li Neuraal Winkelen
Arjan Assink Comparing today's most used web development languages
Bart van der Drift 3D Worlds for Collaborative Work
Edgar Reehuis Multiobjective Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
Erik Gast, Stijn de Gouw Hoge kwaliteit video op een lage bandbreedte verbinding
Erik Jongsma Automatically Checking Group Diffie-Hellman and Xor in the Strand Space Model
Eyal Halm Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Protein Folding in the 2D HP Model
Frank Takes Sokoban: Reversed Solving
Jasper Stafleu Paradigm
Jeroen Mets Monte Carlo Stratego
Johan Groenen Nurikabe
Jori van Lier Supporting the Designer in: writing Nested Loop Programs using Eclipse
Michiel Pouw Aspect-oriented Programming in PHP
Mladen Vavic Bridge between C and Java applications by means of XML
Ramon van Dam Takegaki
Ronald Huizer Libptrace-Across-platform process manipulation API
Saskia Hiltemann Multi-coloured Cellular Automata
Susan Laraghy Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of DNA
Tim van Meurs Comparing Methods for Solving Kuromasu Puzzles