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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Cannella, Emanuele Semi-partitioned scheduling and task migration in dataflow networks
Jongmans, Sung-Shik Automata-theoretic protocol programming
Karasneh, BilalAn online corpus of UML Design Models: construction and empirical studies
Nobakht , BehroozActors at work
Pinho Rebelo de Sá, C.F. (Claudio)Pattern mining for label ranking
Rijn, Jan van Massively collaborative machine learning
Tleis, Mohamed Image analysis for gene expression based phenotype characterization in yeast cells
Vis, Jonathan K.Algorithms for the Description of Molecular Sequences
Weber, Christina Real-time foresight: preparedness for dynamic innovation networks
Wu, Song Large scale visual search
Yang, Zhiwei Meta-heuristics for vehicle routing and inventory routing problems