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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bamakhrama, Mohamed A.M.On Hard Real-Time Scheduling of Cyclo-Static Dataflow and its Application in System-Level Design
Cao, L. (Lu)Biological Model Representation and Analysis
Etemadi Idgahi, R. (Ramin)Quality-Driven Multi-Objective Optimization of Software Architecture Design: Method, Tool, and Application
Gaida, D. (Daniel)Dynamic Real-Time Substrate Feed Optimization of Anaerobic Co-Digestion Plants
Helvensteijn, M. (Michiel)Abstract Delta Modeling: Software Product Lines and Beyond
Holzmann, T.O. (Thomas)Matchmaking for Open Innovation: Perspectives on Multi-sided Markets
Kieft, N. (NataĊĦa)Evaluation of Different Design Space Description Methods for Analysing Combustion Engine Operation Limits
Miao, S. (Shengfa)Structural Health Monitoring Meets Data Mining
Rietveld, K.F.D. (Kristian)A Versatile Tuple-Based Optimization Framework
Schraagen, M.P. (Marijn)Aspects of Record Linkage
Takes, F.W. (Frank)Algorithms for Analyzing and Mining Real-world Graphs