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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Brijder, R. (Robert)Models of Natural Computation: Gene Assembly and Membrane Systems
Cristea, M.L. (Mihai-Lucian)Parallel and Distributed Processing in High Speed Traffic Monitoring
Graaf, E.H. (Edgar) deMining Semi-Structured Data
Jacob, J.F. (Joost)Domain Specific Modeling and Analysis
Kazius, J. (Jeroen)Computers and Drug Discovery: Construction and Data Mining of Chemical and Biological Databases
Khedr, A.E. (Ayman)Adoption of New Technologies in a Highly Uncertain Environment
Lemaitre, J. (Jérôme)Model-based Specification and Design of Large-Scale Embedded Signal Processing Systems
Li, H. (Hui)Workload Characterization, Modeling, and Prediction in Grid Computing
Ma, X. (Xiaofeng)Patterns of Enterprise System Implementation: The Case of Chinese Aerospace Corporate Transformation
Shir, O.M. (Ofer)Niching in Derandomized Evolution Strategies and its Applications in Quantum Control
Zissulescu-Ianculescu, C. (Claudiu)Synthesis of a Parallel Data Stream Processor from Data Flow Process Networks
Živković, V.D. (Vladimir)Execution Platform Modeling for System-Level Architecture Performance Analysis