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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Tao, Y. (Ying)Heterogeneous Multiprocessor System Design with ESPAM: Integration of Hardware IP Cores
Berg, A. (Arjan) van denEvolutionary Strategies in Peer-to-Peer Search
Chen, J. (Juan)On Recombination in (mu, lambda) Evolution Strategies
Cox, M. (Martijn)Simulated Evolution: A model of Evolution Focussing on Neural Networks
Damen, S. (Stephen)Integrated Web Searching
Feng, T. (Tian)Mathematical Morphology Based Microarray Image Processing and Analysis and its Data Evalutation
Groot, S. (Sven)Sparse Code Optimization: Automatic Transformation of Linked List Pointer Structures
Iterson, M. (Maarten) vanCollecting and Analyzing Natural Variants in G Protein Coupled Receptors
Kerhoff, R. (Remco) vanAnalysis of DNA Sequence using Signal Processing Techniques
Kovaciogluels. M. (Mehmet)Application Framework for the Classification of CLSM Images used in Active Shape Mod
Kwantes, P. (Pieter)Design of Clearing and Settlement Operations: A Case Study in Business Process Modeling and Analysis with Petri Nets
Li, Q. (Quanjing)Computational Properties of Cortical Columns
Ruhamanya, M. (Marine)Archimate Complements a CMMT Initiative: Case Study
Schipper, D. (Dorieke)A Robust Algorithm for Transformation Estimation and Applications
Snuijf, D. (David) AND Walters, J. (Johan)Mapping Streambases Application to an Intel IXP Network Processor using Compaan
Spek, H. (Harmen) van derTowards an Automatic Derivation of Tarjan's Algorithm for Detecting Strongly Connected Components in Directed Graphs
Starkenburg, T. (Thijs) vanImproving Cancer Survivability Prognostication Software
Swart, M. (Michel)Een Expert System voor het Dateren van Oude Studio Portretfoto's
Velden, R. (Richard)Benchmarking Database Distribution by Simulating Load on the Web-tier
Witsenburg, T. (Tijn)Unravelling the Genetic Structure of NP-completeness
Wolf, L. (Leo)Design of a System for Processing and Retrieving Medical Narrative Data
Xu, L. (Li)CardGuard-2: A Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System on Network Processors
Zhong, W. (Wei)Embedded System-level Platform Synthesis and Application. Mapping for Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Multiprocessor Systems
Zon, M. (Matthijs) van derAdding Robustness and Scalability to Existing Data Mining Algorithms for Successful Handling of Large Data Sets